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Data Engineering

Data Engineering

My career has involved working on projects to build daily batch processing pipelines to Extract, Transform and Load large datasets. I have worked mainly with Scala and Apache Spark to write ETL applications that run efficiently over millions of rows of data.

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Google Cloud Platform Engineer

Google Cloud Platform

I have experience implementing complex application architectures within Google Cloud using tools such as Jenkins, Terraform and Ansible. These platforms have a large array of components including Elastic Search, Apache Airflow, Dataproc and micro-service applications.

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PHP elephant

Application Development

I enjoy using my programming skills to develop solutions that solve problems and improve businesses efficiency. From building bespoke web applications to designing custom websites. For example check EtSync - an Etsy product importer for Perch CMS.

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learnscalaspark.com hosts a collection of resources designed to help people get started in the data engineering space. 

Aimed at the beginner the tutorials will take you from setting up a local programming environment to tackling common industry challenged. All while using the best tool in the trade - Apache Spark.

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EtSync for Perch CMS

EtSync allows perch content editors to import their Etsy products to their Perch store automatically. Eliminating the need to list products on both platforms.

It uses the Etsy APIS to check for new listing in your Etsy store and will pull down new products to without any input from the user.

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